About The Competition

2014 STFC Photowalk Competition

"'Photo walking' is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting. It is often a communal activity organised by camera clubs, online forums or commercial organisations, sometimes in the form of a walking tour, to practice and improve one's own photography skills, or to have the opportunity to photograph something different, rather than a specific focus on documentary photography. While related to street photography, photo walking is differentiated by its impetus to photograph things of interest rather than people specifically."
(Text taken from Wikipedia)

During June and July this year, photowalks took place at the four main STFC 'scientific' sites within the UK:

    • Chilbolton Observatory, Hampshire;
    • Daresbury Laboratory, Cheshire;
    • Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire;
    • UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Edinburgh

204 photographers (both amateur and professional) took part in the event, resulting in over 700 images being submitted into this year's comptition. Regional judging panels, comprised of professional scientists and photographers, have whittled this number down to 40 - 10 from each site.

FOUR x REGIONAL WINNERS (one from each site) have already been selected - so now it's down to you, the public, to choose an ONLINE WINNER.

Following the online vote, the top 40 will be judged by a national judging panel comprising of professional scientists and photographers, and an OVERALL WINNER will be selected.

The winners, and other selected photos will be displayed on the STFC and Royal Photographic Society websites and used publicly by STFC at various venues.

The Royal Photographic Society, who have agreed to be a partner in this event, have already supplied a judge to each of the regional judging panels and will supply a judge for the national judging panel.


Online voting will take place from 00:00:01 on Friday 19 September 2014 and will close at 23:59:59 on Friday 10 October 2014.

National judging will take place on Tuesday 14 October 2014.

Winning photographers will be notified on Wednesday 15 October 2014 and an announcement will be made shortly thereafter.