Finalists from: 2014 Photowalk, STFC Photowalk Competition 2014

Chilbolton Observatory regional winner 2014

By Mervyn Edwards

Chilbolton Observatory

The 6.1m antenna within the Satellite Antenna Compound at Chilbolton Observatory. Mervyn Edwards: "I had just purchased a new Canon EF 40 mm pancake lens, so decided this was the only lens I would take to Chilbolton in order to become familiar with it. Just as I pressed the shutter, I noticed the dish had just started to make a scan of the sky. Keeping as still as possible, I took a series of photographs with the dish in different positions. After, I selected just the dish in each photo, and blended them together using Photoshop. The final image was then processed with Nik Silver Efex pro to enhance the dramatic sky."