Finalists from: 2014 Photowalk, STFC Photowalk Competition 2014

Online winner 2014

By Mike Tyldesley

Daresbury Laboratory

"At one with the machines" - ASTeC employee, Oleg Malyshev, working in the Vacuum laboratory at the Cockcroft Institute. Mike Tyldesley: "There were several reasons why I took this picture. I have seen pictures around the site and on screens from previous competitions and virtually all of them feature machines. I wanted to capture the people behind the machines. These technologies are capable of great things but without the people that invented and maintain them, they are just lumps of metal and glass. I was also drawn because the person featured in the shot was nicely framed by the instruments around him. It struck me as almost organised chaos and yet everything was so calm. The person was so engrossed in their work I don't even think they noticed me. "At one with the machines" is a phrase that also occurred to me while I was taking the picture."